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A new era in wise, independent advice

Sonya Weiser - Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy new year! 2019 is going to be the start of an exciting new era for me. I'm going to concentrate all my efforts on providing wise, independent technology advice under a new business name, Wiser Technology Advice.

I've launched a new wisertechnologyadvice.com.au website for the new name, replacing the Wiser Connections website. You may notice the new website no longer includes lists of technology suppliers and professional advisors. But of course I still have a database of suppliers that I trust, and I'll continue to connect people where I can see there's a need for that.

Consulting services available from Wiser Technology Advice include:

  • Strategic planning for your information technology, to ensure your business gets what it needs into the future.
  • Facilitating workshops, providing wise, independent advice and guidance for your team.
  • Analysing your requirements for new technology systems, providing clarity about what's needed before looking at potential solutions.
  • Preparing technology procurement documents, requesting proposals from suppliers and evaluating their responses.
  • Business process mapping, to discover the most efficient way to run your business and how technology can be used to support it.
  • Preparing business case documents and other reports for your board of directors to review.

Want to know more?

Thanks for your support in the past and into the future. If you want to know more about Wiser Technology Advice, get in contact with me today, I’m always happy to meet and have a chat over a coffee!

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