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Using digital disruption to grow and thrive

Sonya Weiser - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Digital disruption is not just another buzz word. It’s real and it’s happening now in your industry. Are you ready to compete in today’s market?

What is digital disruption?

Disruption can be defined as disturbing or upsetting the status quo; major changes to the way things have always been done. When the opportunities of technology such as websites and social media are used to enable this change you have what’s been termed ‘digital disruption’.

There are many examples of companies shaking up their industries with digital disruption

  • Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, doesn’t own any taxis
  • AirBNB, the world’s largest accommodation provider, doesn’t own any real estate
  • Skype and WeChat, the world’s largest phone companies, don’t own any telecommunications infrastructure
  • Alibaba, the world’s most valuable retailer, doesn’t keep any stock
  • Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, doesn’t create any content
  • NetFlix, the world’s largest movie house, doesn’t own any cinemas
  • Apple and Google, the world’s largest software vendors, don’t write any of the apps they sell

The possibilities are endless

Your potential to be the next game changer is only limited by your imagination! The possibilities are endless, and the choices for using technology to implement your idea seem limitless!

Latest technical trends which can be used for your business to grow and thrive include

  • 3D printing, for example creating spare parts on demand
  • Autonomous (driverless) vehicles, for example making factories more efficient
  • Drones, for example enabling delivery to the door without drivers
  • Mobile payments, for example supporting a 24 hour cashless business
  • Connected homes, for example using technology to support aged/disabled residents

Share your stories!

What new and innovative uses of technology have you recently heard about? We’d love to hear your stories, the more we share the better we’re able to trigger people’s imaginations and grow successful small business!

Wiser Connections is here to help

Our consultants have many years’ experience in the industry and we are here to help. We pride ourselves on being able to find appropriate solutions for your ideas, whilst remaining fiercely independent of other information technology providers.

Contact Wiser Connections today for wise, independent advice on finding information technology solutions that are right for your organisation and to learn about how we can deliver results for you.

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