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Do your projects lack success because people won't adopt new technology?

people and change are the most important piece of the puzzle

We all know that the most difficult aspect of technology projects is dealing with people and change. Project stakeholders can be very resistant to change, refusing to adopt the new technology and systems you implement.

That small piece of the puzzle can have a major impact on whether or not your project is successful!

Do you wish there was someone to help your project stakeholders embrace the changes from your technology projects, ensuring successful project outcomes?

The Wise Old Owl of Wiser Technology Advice is here to help.

The Principal Consultant of Wiser Technology Advice, Sonya Weiser, is an independent expert who’ll work by your side to gather requirements and help your clients manage change through a technology project.

Sonya is your expert on call for helping project stakeholders embrace change, engaging with them through requirements analysis, business process mapping, corporate governance advice and business case development.

Sonya Weiser, Principal Consultant
Sonya Weiser, Principal Consultant.
Picture: Mike Burton, News Corporation.

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Here’s what the Managing Director of Creative Serum had to say about Sonya’s requirements gathering expertise:

“The highly detailed ‘Request for Services’ document provided a comprehensive list of the client’s requirements, including both mandatory and optional elements of design and functionality. It also gave instruction on what requirements were critical for the launch date, and what could be approached after the launch deadline. This allowed us to quote accurately, and deliver the project within the development timeframe.” Scott White, Managing Director, Creative Serum

The Wise Old Owl

Working out your information technology needs

Make sure you ask for what you really need.

The first and most important step in procuring the best information technology for your business is working out what you really need. Sounds simple enough, but most businesses need some extra heads to nut this out.

Our consultants can work with you to sort out exactly what your business needs from information technology suppliers. We’ll ensure you only pay for what you really need; aligning your information technology to your business priorities.

Analysing requirements can be as simple as a single round-table discussion, or as in-depth as mapping out every business process and talking with everybody who is impacted by the proposed information technology changes.

Before we start, we’ll discuss the scope of our consultant’s engagement with you, ensuring you only pay us for the time needed to get results.

Learn more about our strategic planning workshops.

Creating efficient processes

You want efficient, cost effective processes and systems.

Sometimes spending money on new technology isn’t necessary. We’ll work with you to ensure your processes and systems are being used as efficiently as possible before considering new information technology.

And if you’re dreading managing the changes needed to introduce new information technology, business process mapping is a great tool to get everyone on board!

We will facilitate workshops where we work with your team to map out your current business processes and create ideas for improvements, whether or not that is through introduction of new information technology.

Managing your technology projects

You want to keep projects moving when managers leave.

Has your organisation recently lost your IT Manager/Project Manager through resignation, sickness, retirement or budget cuts?

Do you need someone to maintain the momentum and deliverables on your current IT projects until you find a replacement?

Our Principal Consultant Sonya Weiser can provide interim, part-time project management when you require a specialist IT Project Manager and do not have the capacity to directly employ an IT expert of your own.

Planning strategic changes

You need to carefully manage information technology changes.

Does your business need to take stock and look at your information technology needs for next financial year and into the future?

Are you overwhelmed with the choices available?

And most importantly – do you have any idea how to budget for your information technology needs to take your business into the future?

Wiser Technology Advice will help you plan and manage strategic changes to your information technology at a fraction of the cost charged by others!

Our logical sequence of steps will guide you and provide independent, wise planning advice.

Learn more about our strategic planning workshops.

Preparing requests for quotes

You need clear, concise requests for suppliers to respond to.

When you provide information technology suppliers with clear and concise requests, you'll always receive the best responses. That's why Wiser Technology Advice uses standard templates to prepare requests for quotes from IT suppliers.

We quality-check every project request before it’s put out to the market. This ensures suppliers receive the information they need to prepare an informed response.

Evaluating responses

You want independent, professional input into the selection process.

Responses you receive from information technology suppliers will potentially be full of industry jargon and acronyms. This can make it difficult to differentiate clearly between responses that seem very similar.

Our consultants can work with you to help evaluate the technical information in responses received, helping you to select the best information technology supplier for your business.

Preparing board reports

You need a professional report to present to your board.

Good governance practices will often mean that information technology changes need to be approved by senior executive management or the board of directors.

With expertise in corporate governance and formal reporting, our consultants can assist you to prepare a formal report that documents the supplier evaluation process and recommendation for a preferred supplier.

Preparing business cases

You need a sound business case for change.

Corporate governance for major spending will usually involve examining the case for change. Why is the change needed? Will there be a return on investment? Is spending on information technology needed now? How does this fit with the overall vision for the business?

Our consultant’s professional business analysis services can assist you in formulating a compelling business case that will help you get approval for IT project funding.

Drop us a line or chat to one of our consultants today to find out how we can help you make the most informed information technology procurement choices for your business.