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Are you processes working for or against your business?

Efficient business processes

If your processes are inefficient and clumsy, spending money on new technology alone cannot fix the problems. You must address the problems with the processes first, then consider how information systems can help automate the processes.

Where to start

Business process mapping is all about common sense and communication. What you’re trying to achieve is to create a picture that illustrates how people use information and systems perform tasks in their day to day work practices. Wiser Technology Advice is here to help you work through the steps of analysing and improving your business processes:

  1. Begin at the beginning.
    We'll help you decide what your processes are and what sets off the start of each process. For example, a customer phones the call centre with a question about the product they’ve purchased
  2. Who does what.
    We'll workshop your processes then develop diagrams that set out your process map as a picture with parallel rows containing the tasks done by different people. These are referred to as “swim lanes”, with the obvious analogy to swimmers racing along the length of a pool. This splitting of tasks can quickly show you where there are hold ups, with people waiting for someone else to finish a task before they can start on their own part of the process.
  3. Low hanging fruit.
    The excercise of workshopping your business processes can provide immediate results. Creating a picture of “how things have always been done around here” can illustrate to people problems with the current process that can easily be fixed, for a low cost – what we refer to as the “low hanging fruit”.
  4. Engaging people in change.
    Working with the people involved and mapping out their current processes provides a perfect opportunity to build excitement about change, asking them how a new information system could potentially help them solve problems that have been annoying them for years!

Wiser Technology Advice is here to help!

Our principal consultant, Sonya Weiser, is an independent expert who'll work by your side to examine the issues and find the answers.

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“Sonya was engaged to define the current state for one of our customer facing processes and determine the opportunities for improvement. She achieved a comprehensive and high-quality package of work in a short period of time. She engaged with internal stakeholders from across the organisation at a variety of locations and easily navigated her way through the process with very little direction. Her work remains as a valued reference document for the organisation and something which we are building upon.”
Teresa Yeing, Head of Customer Experience, ACH Group