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We’ll create a compelling business case for you to get the funding approval you need.

Need for change

Do you have a need for information technology change, but don’t yet have funding?

Many teams lack the knowledge needed to understand the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of information technology and procurement.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance for major funding approval requires examining the case for change…

  • Why is the change needed?
  • Will there be a return on investment? 
  • Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • Is spending on information technology needed now?
  • How does this fit with the overall business vision?
Wiser Technology Advice

Wiser Technology Advice is here to help!

Our principal consultant, Sonya Weiser, is an independent expert who'll work by your side to examine the issues and find the answers.

She'll formulate a compelling business case for you to win funding for your IT project.  Her success is underpinned by business analysis, corporate governance, procurement and financial knowledge.

Sonya has many years of experience with South Australian government clients.  Past projects include successful business cases to fund major information technology projects at SA Health, SA Police and Housing SA.

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Chat today

To book an initial no obligation meeting with Sonya, drop us a line or phone 0429 196619.

“Sonya did great work with ACH Group on a number of business analysis assignments. I’m pleased to be able to recommend her to future employers and would certainly utilise her services again.”
Adrian Winskill, Head of Project Management Office, ACH Group