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Do you need professional advice, but don't know who to trust?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the complex and technical world of information technology?

Wiser Technology Advice is here to help with wise, independent advice on planning and procuring technology.
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Trusted, independent technology procurement advice.

Independent & trusted

Procurement advice

Do you need to go out to market for an information technology project and want trusted independent expertise for the procurement activities?

Many teams lack the knowledge needed to understand the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of information technology and procurement.

Wiser Technology Advice is the perfect resource for your project, to guide you through the complexities of preparing a request for tender and lead your team through the evaluation process.

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Here's what our clients have to say about us...

We were facing significant challenges with our outdated systems and processes at Garon Plastics, hindering our growth potential. Sonya from Wiser Technology was an absolute game-changer for us. She led us through the entire process of selecting and implementing a new ERP system seamlessly. Sonya's meticulous requirements analysis ensured that our needs were crystal clear, and her vendor selection expertise helped us choose Pronto Software, which has been a perfect fit for our operations. Her user acceptance testing materials were spot-on, making the transition smoother than we could have imagined. What I appreciated most about Sonya was her unwavering commitment to project governance. She was our trusted advisor, providing valuable insights and ensuring everything ran smoothly. I wholeheartedly recommend Sonya and Wiser Technology to anyone looking for top-notch IT advisory services. Thanks to her, Garon Plastics is on a path to even greater success.

Thylation Operations Pty Ltd engaged the services of Wiser Technology Advice, led by Sonya Weiser, at the start of 2022 to assist our team to understand our future technology requirements, prepare a request for proposal and approach a small group of agreed vendors for quotes. This project was completed on time and within budget. Within a few months Thylation was successfully matched up with the team at Comunet Pty Ltd, who are both a technological and cultural fit to service our requirements into the future as we progress on our mission to enable conservation through innovation. Sonya Weiser excelled at extracting our thoughts and aspirations, documenting our requirements in both English and tech-speak; and analysing the received quotes with in-person assistance during the final interview process. We highly recommend the services of Wiser Technology Advice to support you on your technology transition journey.

The Can:Do Group engaged Sonya Weiser to assist with the analysis of our system requirements and selection of a CRM that would best suit the needs of our NDIS services. The process mapping phase was critical to ensuring we could accurately define our requirements and Sonya facilitated a workshop to seek input from across the business and prepared procurement documentation that clearly articulated these requirements. Sonya’s guidance and attention to detail throughout the evaluation phase was invaluable and we particularly appreciated her independence and technical expertise. Having Sonya on board throughout the process clarified and streamlined what can be a complex and daunting journey, placing us in a strong position from which to commence implementation. We highly recommend Sonya for her professionalism and practical advice.

RSB was at a cross-roads. Faced with unhappy users of our systems and only being able to extract basic reports along with increasing concerns associated with data integrity and poor responsiveness from the vendor it was necessary to undertake an external and independent review. Sonya Weiser was engaged and undertook an extensive analysis talking with all parts of the organisation and mapping all processes. She concluded the system was a long way from meeting our needs and recommended migrating to an alternate system. The report she provided was professionally written, comprehensive and beyond question. Sonya then led a team to investigate alternatives which included review of multiple software solutions in conjunction with users from across the organisation. My staff all report that Sonya was wonderful to work with commenting that ‘she listens’ to their needs and concerns. She has fine attention to detail, can easily grasp complex situations and processes, able to streamline bottlenecks and overcome poor processes. The implementation of the new system, whilst an enormous amount of work, was made all the easier by Sonya’s professional guidance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sonya and would happily engage her again should the need arise.

Sonya was engaged by our business to assist us with the selection and procurement of a new ERP System for a rapidly growing business. Sonya's knowledge across both software and hardware, attention to detail, and thoughtful nature ensured that no stones were unturned during this process - assisting us to go through an extensive project of process mapping, discussions with senior leadership and document preparation in order to approach vendors with our best foot forward. Sonya also assisted liaising with vendors, and sat in on vendor demonstrations to ensure we were being presented with the best solution and product for our business. I have enjoyed every minute working with Sonya and always felt that she was another member of our team! Thanks Sonya, we wouldn't have gotten there without you!

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