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Using digital disruption to grow and thrive

Are you ready to compete in today's market? Disruption can be defined as disturbing or upsetting the status quo; major changes to the way things have always been done. When the opportunities of technology such as websites and social media are used to enable this change you have what's been termed 'digital disruption'. Read more...

Sonya Weiser    03 May 2016

procurement,digital disruption,change,innovation,technology,trends

Don't take a gamble with your information technology

The world of information technology can be confusing and overwhelming. Companies that sell information technology solutions will be quick to declare themselves as experts - but are they really providing the best advice for your business? Is it worth paying for professional advice? Read more...

Sonya Weiser    13 April 2016

procurement,due diligence,money,business continuity,service interruption,hackers,attacks,ransomware,crypto-locking,backups,disaster recovery

Protection from scandal

Senior executives in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) have been charged with several counts of bribery, with NSW police alleging they took a combined total of $2.9 million in bribes from American IT company ServiceMesh to seal a multi-million dollar deal. Read more...

Sonya Weiser    05 April 2016

procurement,due diligence,bribery,process,money

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